Архивы рубрики ‘BOILERS For POWER and PROCESS’

Classification of Boilers

Boilers are also called steam generators. They have been around for more than 150 years. Boilers of the early eighteenth century were no more than large kettles. Since those early days boilers have made great progress in terms of size, variety, flexibility, versatility, reli­ability, and complexity. An attempt to classify boilers is made in the […]

Boiler Fundamentals

A boiler, as the name suggests, is a device that boils (water to produce steam). More scientifi­cally, a boiler converts the chemical energy in fuel into the heat energy in steam, or the heat energy of hot gases into the heat energy of steam when no firing is involved. The earliest form of boiler is […]


Boilers Today A boiler can be described as a conversion device for producing steam from fuel. Its basic features are decided by the fuels and the size by the amount of steam demanded by the turbine or plant it feeds. Over the decades, fuels used in boilers as well as the sizes of plants have […]

Structure Of this Book

Boilers constitute a vast, mature, and interesting subject that attracts a sizable number of engineers and keeps them fascinated for most of their lives. This book is meant to help those who have been initiated into the field and who desire to clarify their fundamentals, delve deeper into the design and engineering aspects, and learn […]


A book of this size would not have been possible without the support of several friends and well wishers. The least that a grateful author can do is to thank them in person and acknowledge their contributions for wider appreciation. Likewise, several organizations have lent help by allowing their pictures to be incorporated, which greatly […]


Kumar Rayaprolu This is a practical desk book on water tube boilers for practicing engineers and a reference book for students of heat and power. It has been written by an experienced boiler professional with an all-round technocommercial background of nearly four decades. Let me hasten to dispel a possible interpretation of a "practical book" […]